Mother and daughter hugging on a sofa

Nobody ever gets married with the intention of separating from their partner. Yet it is a fact of modern life in Scotland that one in three marriages fail eventually.

If this happens to you, it is essential that you seek immediate advice from your solicitor. We have the experience to help you through this stressful time – we provide legal advice combined with understanding and patience at a time when your emotions and thoughts are often in a turmoil. Experience has taught us that separating couples go through a range of emotions from confusion, anger, blame, loneliness, guilt and – finally – acceptance.

We have the experience and ability to assist you throughout this period and will do so in an informal atmosphere in which you will feel able to let us help. You will need someone qualified and able to fight your corner, someone who will help give you the confidence to face the future, someone who will provide a sympathetic yet professional ear.